A New Type of Day

Ever have one of those days where you have about 10 different ideas but you don’t have the energy to go through with them? Well that’s where I’m at today. Ive been trying to write this post for about 3 hours and I haven’t been able to create anything that’s good enough. It doesn’t help that I haven’t posted for 3 days! I feel like I owe you all gold or something. The longer you leave off a post the harder it is to actually create something.

Its strange though because last month I was producing a lot of good posts and spending quite a bit of time promoting the blog but my net earnings were rock-bottom. I wasn’t making any new sites as most of my attention was focused on this site. Now its flipped right the other way, I’m really busy creating new sites but Ive been struggling to create good ideas for posts.

Part of the reason for this is that Ive felt that over the past few months Ive been toying with the idea of making money. Ive been talking about it. Now I’m actually doing it and I’m finding it hard to balance that with keeping this site up to date. I need to begin dedicating a little more time to this as I really don’t want to let it slip as its been a great source of motivation and inspiration for me over the last 6 months.

So please bear with me whilst I get back into the stride of blogging here. I should really save all of my post ideas as blank drafts as I keep forgetting loads of them!

Earning Money Independently Vs The Career

People keep asking me what type of job I’d like after I graduate. When I say that I want to do this full-time they don’t seem to take me seriously which would have made me angry in the past. Why should it make me angry if I’m already certain about my path in life?

Since I paid for the review and set the $30 / $60 a day targets things have started making a little more sense. Before I was toying with the idea of doing this full time – now I know I have no other choice as an office job isn’t really viable for me.

In the meantime nothing else matters bar meeting that first $30 target in June. I want to continue to enjoy what I’m doing and I hope to keep you all properly updated with whats going on!

Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive than today. I think Ill take a walk to the duck pond in town. The fresh air and exercise will really help me. I might even stop off for a Meatball Marinara Sub afterwards. Woo! I cant wait for the summer to start playing tennis again.

Anyway I’m losing my train of thought here. Ill get back to watching this program on comedians. I have the sound down now as I was finding it hard to concentrate.

Bye for now.

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