Alternative money making idea

Wahey! I received the notification last night that Id shifted the first ad unit on my other site. I’m set to receive $13.50 for it each month so if I can replicate this with another 4 links Ill be making $67.50 within that period. Promising stuff. I could even recoup my initial $400 investment within 6 months with Text Link Ads alone. Excellent news all in all.

Now its just a case of selling those extra links!

I cant believe I sold one of my daomins for $100! According to the Text Link calculator I could sell ONE link for $30 a month and a total of 10 for $110. You live and you learn don’t you?

As appealing as it might seem to receive instant cash for one of your websites its always best accurately evaluating your websites value. Ive found this out the hard way at least twice. Hopefully I can continue to build upon my site and make up for this error.

Come on Google and roll out the Pagerank Update already. I cant wait to see what PR my blog receives. And this is coming from a man who was largely indifferent towards Pagerank until about a week ago!

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