Batching Categories WordPress Plugin

As I mentioned in this post, Ive been reviewing the blogs category structure as its currently unmanageable. The thought of changing the category settings on over 220 posts was terrifying. At least it was so until I came across the Batch Categories WordPress plugin. Let me demonstrate why its so effective.

Two of my new categories are Blogging and SEO. For the purpose of the example Ill be moving prospective posts into the SEO category.

Here Ive entered the search phrase seo into keyword box, applied it with the Filter button and the plugin has returned all of the posts containing that term. Neat eh? Notice the checkboxes on the bottom left hand side of the screen? Well they allow you to select multiple posts at once.

Once you’ve selected the relevant posts, you specify their new category in the Category drop-down that currently has SEO showing in the picture above. Now click on Tag posts with this category and the posts will magically appear in their new category! Cool or what?

The plugin isn’t perfect and could do with a few more features. For instance it’d be great to be able to merge categories together. Id like to be able to specify more post filters too like only returning posts which were created before or after a certain date.

Overall though its really saved me a lot of time and I wish Id discovered it sooner!

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