Bringing order to the forums

I went a little crazy on Monday and created about 20 new forums on Gaming which I have since deleted as they weren’t popular at all. I’m trying to flatten everything down as much as possible just in case people believe that the boards have turned into tumble weed central!

I didn’t get a game completed tonight for my new site. I just didn’t have any ideas. Besides I was watching the Newcastle v Birmingham F.A. Cup Replay which was a shocker. 5-1 to the away side! Who would have thought it?

I regret buying the other site I mentioned now as I dont have the time to run it properly which is a damn shame as its a cool enough community and it deserves more attention. I’ll try to get a new owner tomorrow who can take it in the right direction. The worst thing about forums is your sense of responsibility to the people who help run it. With a static website its different – you normally just have one person regularly contributing. But with communities people are actually investing their time in building something that’ll benefit everyone. I’m thinking too much about this!

Other than that I don’t have much else to report. Gonna head off to bed now, Ive been going too late these days and waking up semi-exhausted which is probably why my ideas aren’t that inspiring recently.

Actually ignore that last comment, I created this as linkbait for the Gaming forums. The people on Reddit didn’t really vouch for it though 😉

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