Cleaning up Adsense and Other Tidbits

The site is looking so much tidier now without that massive ad unit in the center, which wasn’t converting that well anyway. I’m not sure what I could place above the content now. Ill have to have a think about it.

Removed some Non-Reciprocal links on the right to give link buyers on the site better value for money. Were now down to 13 which isn’t so bad. I think it was over 20 before.

I need to find a better way to distribute my profile memes. Ive been thinking about acquiring a Myspace account with a lot of friends but I’m almost certain thats against their TOS. It might be better to just buy a few bulletins on some popular profiles. If anyone can point me in the right direction Id be grateful here.

I tried applying for Text Link as a publisher for this site but I got rejected. I’m guessing its the lack of popularity and Pagerank thats to blame. Thatll all change within time.

Every post is an investment in the future. Every extra idea, reflection or revelation adds more value to the blog.

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