Diving back into bad SEO Practices

Have you ever completely overhauled how a site is optimized in the search engines only for you to wait impatiently on Google catching on that something has changed and subsequently updating its index? I’m in that situation now. I seem to be checking my logs every 20 minutes to see if Googlebot has been and if it has for some reason I immediately check site:mysite.com in Google.

They say that a watched kettle never boils for a reason!

No more news on the Text Link front, I suspect it’ll take at least a week for me to sell my first unit which is fair enough I suppose. Still quite excited about it.

My Adsense earnings wont recover at all at this rate. They’ve been extremely poor so far this month but it doesn’t particularly bother me now. I’m more concerned about generating traffic for my site and passing it onto my other sites. None of the memes I created have been a particular success so far. Ah well, its only a matter of a time before I find the winning combination!

I should look more into Myspace marketing.

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