Don’t Kill Your Blogs with Apathy

A blogs formative months are often fruitless. No-one seems to be visiting or leaving comments. Income is shockingly low and you cant really see much of a future for your blog. Before self-pity takes hold – take action. Instead of complaining about why people aren’t visiting your blog ask yourself about the cause of the activity.

A brainstorming session can be effective in this situation. Try to come up with as many plausible solutions as you can. Heres an example.

Not enough content.
Not catering to the target audiences needs.
No backlinks.

Take the first item in the list – content. There are many ways that you can increase productivity..

Pay someone to write posts for you.
Research the topic more thoroughly.
Set yourself weekly or hourly goals (for example in the next 2 hours I want to write 2 posts about subject x and 2 about subject y).

Be sure to keep your audience up to date on how effective each of the solutions were. You might want to consider why they worked and then make some recommendations for the future. You can then write a follow-up post on how you managed to fulfill your criteria.

Unless you are targeting an extremely narrow niche – your potential to create posts is practically limitless. The greatest setback will always be the irrational doubting mind.

To succeed you sometimes need to put in 110% even when it seems pointless. As you increase your focus little by little you will gradually begin to see rewards within due time.

Don’t even give potential users a reason to skip your blog!

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