Failing with Text Links

As hinted at before, the Text Link Ads campaign has turned out to be a failure. Sure enough I only gave it a month to take effect but still – the results within that time period were very unimpressive. In that 30 day period I registered a total of one referral. And that’s certifiable $30 in a month for a click is pitiful.

Alright, I cant be certain what effect the ads will have upon my SERPS in the future. Frankly the improvement in the past month hasn’t been that convincing. Last month this website was receiving approximately 5 referrals a day from Google and its remained at that level since then. To me is just doesn’t seem sustainable. It seems that it’d be better to create a few articles around web development and link back to the site that way.

As well as this – recently Ive started submitting the blog to a number of directories with a great deal of success. Its worrying how many of those directories actually charge for a listing – taking into consideration that a few of them barely have any Pagerank to speak of. I’m confident that both the directory and article submissions will contribute a lot towards the website establishing itself properly within Googles results. I mean, its a hell of a lot better than watching $30 or more slip out a month for absolutely nothing.

In saying that I might give the Text Link Ads publisher program a go within the next month or two. It has received some very favorable reviews on a number of blogs I read regularly. Itll take a while for this blog to become properly established before I can consider that avenue though.

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