Flipping Sites FYI

I think the thing that depresses me the most about flipping sites is that there are only about 10 common formats. Forums, blogs, splogs, image upload etc. There isn’t anything really new out there. So I’m trying to develop something at least a bit unique. Its a community site but not a forum. Ive been developing it with the Zend Framework since Monday and I’m really pleased with how its going. Ill give you one clue – its related to sin

I don’t have much else to say really at the minute. Oh! I got my new computer! Its a beast. 4GB of ram and a Core Duo. Its brilliant for developing with. The monitor is the sex too. I should really take a picture of it.

Being yourself

It seems as though you need to be yourself to succeed with blogging. Ha! Ive found the reverse to be true. This blog has been a complete failure compared to some of my other blogs where Ive adopted a ludicrous identity. I’m not listening to gurus anymore. Or reading any e-books. I’m tired of reading blogs about making money. Its like eating money instead of buying food with the cash and eating the real food.

Its all fucking boring. If I read about ALGOCO one more time I swear Ill boot the fucking cat.

And On Gurus

My biggest mistake was holding any guru in esteem. Anyone can make it that level or past it, its really just about finding what you are good at. Or better, what you enjoy. If Ive learnED anything in the last year its that you need to go out on your own and make your own mistakes. Become your own guru.

And from now on I’m never typing the word guru in this blog again. If I do, comment on the post and Ill give you $50 via Paypal.

And no, I’m not drunk and I haven’t lost the plot.

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