Ghost Writing or to Not

I’m finding it increasingly difficult to write content for static websites these days. With the sales from my other site I’m planning on reinvesting it all back into ghostwriters for a few new sites. I don’t even know if you could actually call it ghostwriting if Im not making the claim that its my work in the first place.

Anyhow when it comes down to it I have three options.

Employ a friend to do the work
Hire from Rentacoder
Or use Digitalpoint instead

In the past Ive found that the content is always much stronger when a friend produces the work, he/she seems to have a better understanding of what exactly I want (probably because Ive been talking to them in one form or another for over 5 years).

With Rentacoder in the past Ive found it to be a bit systematic and heartless. To communicate with someone you must you must do so through their own messaging system so that if a dispute arises they will have a log of whats went wrong. I don’t have anything against this really, it makes sense, its just Id rather talk with someone I know over MSN or the phone.

An understanding between the copywriter and yourself should be of great importance if you want the content to leap off of the page. If you always take care of friendship before business this will take care of itself. Unless your copywriter is me or someone else as lazy. Im not selling myself well as a copywriter here at all, am I?

I’m finding it harder to price work too these days. In the past Ive payed people by the article as I feel its the safest option – that way you will invariably get what you pay for. Paying by project is a little more risky but it can possibly lead to greater coherency and consistency through the work. I’m personally terrified of the whole pay be hour wrote, having reflected on my own work rate in the past. Only kidding.

If I’m pricing work by the article I will try to keep the fee as close to $10 as possible. Ive paid as though as $5 before on Rentacoder and normally such a low-fee would only attract non-English writers and it felt like exploitation on my part. Plus the work produced was normally substandard which I guess is fair enough.

In the future I think Ill invest more per article and aim to establish better relationships with people. I definitely think its the way forward.

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