How much have I spent on domains?

$522.30! I cant believe it!

The best bit about it is that I can now register .coms for $6.99 a year which is pretty cool.

Good news on the earnings side of things, I’m gradually recovering to my pre-January levels on Adsense, about $6 a day. I want to be closer to $60. I’ve no time scale penned out for it at the minute, I’m too busy concentrating on developing websites now. The earnings will follow naturally if I keep penning original content.

I’m definitely thinking of moving to the mainland in May 2008. Ill have to figure out how much Ill need long before then though. $60 a day is the equivalent of my current wage which would be enough to survive but I don’t want to be scraping by.

I’m looking to buy a decent budget tool to track my finances. Has anyone any experience with the Accountz programs? Ive seen some mixed reviews over on Amazon.

It’ll be helpful to separate my personal and business accounts. Too often Ive spent £40 on a night out and thought Shit, I could have bought 8 domains with that!. Similarly Ive registered 8 domains in the past and thought Shit, Ill have to stick to dingy cider tonight!.

Another update, Ive had a great idea for a network of websites which is currently in development. It follows on from what I was saying yesterday on how I find it easier to develop pisstake/fun websites. My plan is to generate and reinvest the revenue from these sites into serious ventures.

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