Is Reciprocal Linking Worth It?

I’m not too fond of emailing webmasters, pleading for a link. I must be overly shy or something, even on the Internet! Up to now Ive avoided this as much as possible – I instead opt to place a link on my websites to ones that are related by field, hoping that they will see my URL in their Referral logs and reciprocate.

This probably isn’t the best approach, especially nowadays – since so many splogs spoof referral urls to fool you into believing you have a backlink. Its highly probable that the webmaster in question wont even see your backlink.

So how can I overcome my shyness? I guess if I continued to build upon my sites content, I wouldn’t feel ashamed asking for links off more established blogs. Its best seeing it this way – a reciprocal link is for the future-good of both parties involved. You are providing someone else with an opportunity as much as they are paying you with a favour.

Most webmasters wont bite your head off either! Heh.

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