Maximizing with Multiple Keyword Research Tools

Recently Ive been depending a lot on Wordtrackers Keyword Researcher to identify niches. The process has been fairly hit and miss in the past with some of my keyword targeted domains receiving little to no traffic for supposedly popular keyphrases.

The phrase spirituality information is a perfect example.

Wordtracker predicts that 2490 searches will be performed on this keyword alone. Wow. Now I could go ahead and register a domain, create a website and sit back as several thousand visitors flood my site daily! Well in theory, at least. It would be foolish to register that domain based on this evidence alone. Its important to cross-reference traffic stats with the help of other keyword suggestion software.

This is where the Keyword Suggestion tool comes in quite handy. It automatically provides you with the phrases monthly Overture score, along with links to other tools like Google Trends and Google Suggest.

Hmmm, Overture doesn’t seem to recognize the spirituality information keyphrase and instead recommends information on spirituality which has 1,148 searches. It should be your aim to find a keyword that is reported consistently across all of the tools. In this case spirituality information just isn’t good enough. Its hard to know whether to target information on spirituality or spirituality information. Of course you could type each of the phrases into Google Trends and see how they perform against each other.

Lets try that now!

Based on this evidence, it wouldn’t be worthwhile targeting either of these keyphrases. Use your common sense here. Would 2000 people type spirituality information into Google a day?

The morale of this post is to be thorough with your research. Dont start registering keyword domains until you’ve done your homework!

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