Missed Opportunities

Its strange how some listings on PayPerPost demand articles written only in a positive tone. Its kinda self defeating in a way as balanced feedback could well provide a better return on investment than soppy forced politeness. It might be fun one day to post an opportunity up on the site asking for negative posts only.

I warble on endlessly about failed opportunities and burgers. And I think he has a squint

Its clear to me that my site is so far up his own ass it’d take the Russian coastguard to get it back out

I’ve had a scoot around the open opportunities and nothing really tickles my fancy there. If only there were more listings related to SEO / Web Design and Affiliate Marketing! There are a lot of requests for financial post reviews which isn’t exactly my forte as my recent credit card statements will testify.

The Regularity of Paid Posts

There is much discussion around the blogosphere about how often a blogger should incorporate a paid posting into their weblog. The general consensus seems to be that anymore than 1 paid posting in 10 will begin to damage your blogs reputation.

If there were more relevant opportunities on PayPerPost you could justifiably post more frequently. PayPerPost should strive to make it easier for both publishers and advertisers to add value to their blog through using their service. They could achieve this by scrapping the requirement which forces you to mention that a post is a paid post and by attracting more diverse advertisers into their system. Its essential for paid posts to integrate more cleanly for the market to prosper.

In the meantime Im reluctant to begin posting until even a vaguely related opportunity appears.

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