My Problems with Viral Marketing

Undeniably, my post rate has become less frequent over the last month. I seem to be putting too much thought into articles that aren’t relevant here. I need to regain some focus and start reporting on what Im actually doing with regards to affiliate marketing. Ive been trying to cover too many grounds at once and Ive been doing it badly.

Part of the problem with submitting articles to social bookmarking sitees is that I’m often afraid to make a post shortly afterwards and knocking the entry further on down the index page lessening the chances it’ll receive votes. There’s bound to be a WordPress plugin that sorts this out, or at the very least you should be able to change the date manually so the desired articles still appear at the top of the page.

My link bait to post ratio is far too high at the moment. I got a bit too addicted to social bookmarking over Christmas! No more.

I’m going to concentrate now in getting back to where I was at the beginning of December as I’m seriously beginning to drift here.

Ive noticed too that my tone has changed recently. Instead of writing naturally it seems Im instructing people, something which I’m not comfortable with. Id far much rather uncover issues and solutions as I go along.

Oh and by the way, I started playing Football Manager 2007 again. A relapse. Thankfully Ive deleted my save game. Ill probably download a file restoring utility when I go home. Its always the same. They should make that game illegal! I mean its recommended for everyone over 3.thats like offering Class As to a toddler!

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