Never Underestimate the Power of Social Bookmarking

During the middle of December I submitted 4 separate stories from this blog to Digg, and Reddit. I expected to receive the majority of my traffic from Digg but this wasn’t to be as you can see from the stats below.

Reddit provided the bulk of the traffic thanks to the Single Worst Piece of Hardware Post which was largely ignored on both Digg and Odd eh? I guess its to do with the audience. On Reddit users seem to be more open to general interest stories in comparison to Digg. Its weird though how the popularity of the article varied so greatly across the sites.

If you are going to release a story to the social bookmarking websites, I suggest that you submit to as many as you possibly can at the same time. This isn’t a new idea but one that Ive just recently realized the importance of. The one thing I noticed with Reddit was that even though the worst hardware story received over 1000 views over the course of a day – very few of the visitors (I think 2 in all) Dugg the story – even with the Digg this button there.

Id imagine it would have had a greater effect if the post had been serious news.

Still I think its quite promising all in all, although my traffic is back to normal. Well actually its kinda below normal since its the holiday season and all but meh!

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