New Site Goals

I know this is a bit ambitious but by mid February I want to be making $10 a day with my new site. My aim is to make at least double the amount of money I was making earlier this month $8-10, by March.

Spent a while last night redesigning and I’m pleased with how it looks. It needs better categorization if I’m to expand it in a major way. I’ll have to see which Myspace-related terms are popular in Wordtracker first though. This is the fun part. I’m delighted that my site is out of the Google Trustbox which means its ranking well for some crazily popular phrases.

I think the best way to expand the site is to make fun little add-ons that relate to current events. Basing something on the Borat movie might be a good idea. Ill have a peep over at IMDB to see what other movies are coming out. The best way forward is to design things that are fun to create and use.

I’m also gonna use the Crazy Blog Dog meme that I created for Livejournal for the site. It should be popular enough. I’m worried though that if one of the addons becomes overly popular it might send my webserver down. I’m getting ahead of myself again here! All I can do is release it and see how it goes.

The post rate at my gaming forum is continuing to increase slowly after a massive crash. The Adsense ads are performing very well too.

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