New Website and New Challenges

Since most new websites spend a probationary period within Googles Sandbox its important to kickstart your sites rise to fame and fortune by driving traffic from sources other than Google.

Recently, MSN has been a revelation with my new websites. Thankfully, it doesn’t employ a filter to untrusted pages, allowing even week old sites to make it onto the first page of its results. Compared to Google, MSNs userbase is minute but that doesn’t stop it from being an effective means of attracting traffic towards your website.

When I’m selecting keywords in Wordtracker for new sites, I use MSNs traffic stats as my main reference as Ive surrendered to the inevitability of my site being buried in Google wilderness for its formative months. Ive realized how important it is to create tailored content towards these keywords, as any additional backlinks from web-savvy visitors will aid the escape from the Google Sandbox. Once this has happened, I can then begin to take into consideration Googles stats within Wordtracker and start driving volumes of traffic to my website.

Its just getting past the Sandbox that is the difficult part. Its important to remember that the inital trickle of traffic from MSN and other search engines can be the factor that stops you from packing in a project before its taken off.

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