Paralysis by Analysis

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That’s how every morning starts for me before I trudge downstairs for another bowl of cornflakes whispering bitter curses behind my breath. Nothings improved since last night and I doubt it ever will, what a cheery way to start the morning!

So whats the problem with checking your stats regularly? Surely its just harmless curiosity? Maybe not

The dangers of stat psychosis

  • Your earnings will reach a plateau if you keep checking them regularly. Next time you log into your Google Adsense or Analytics account, ask yourself if its completely necessary. What exactly will you gain from it? Reassurance? Guidance? Will it result in you working harder? In most cases you’ll find that its a compulsive reaction, rather than something which will help you achieve your goals.
  • Checking your stats every hour is like banging your head against a brick wall, you aren’t gonna get anywhere and all that youll be left with is a bloody mess.
  • If the statistics aren’t improving as Id have hoped, Ill feel hopeless and empty. In order to fill that hole Ill systematically log into every one of my accounts until Ive found something that gives me that feelgood vibe. Yeah Im finally making it!, Ill scream to myself! Yipee! Becoming attached to this buzz is a serious issue, as you’re beginning to become dependent on that feeling, rather than concentrating on whats important i.e. developing websites. Its nothing more than a distraction. A pleasure pang if you will.
  • Instead of focusing on that feel good vibe, create some short term goals for yourself. As an example, I want to visit a few more places on mainland Britain in the summer, the problem is at the moment I don’t have enough money. I need to increase my earnings otherwise my vacation will consist of camping in the backyard again. If I can raise an extra $5 a day in the next 3 months, Ill be able to travel comfortably. If I sit about scratching my ass for the next month, demonically tapping at the screen hoping that the earnings figures will go up on command, I’m pretty much doomed.
  • Since camping isn’t an option, I need to consider what Ill need to do to raise that sum. Lets say that you run a blog and that each new post will help you generate an extra $0.03 a day in earnings. If I create a new post every day for a month I stand to make an extra dollar every 24 hours. Over a three month period thats an additional $3. It sounds pretty insignificant on its own, but if you start making multiple posts a day that value soars. Only.
  • About now the doubt will kick in. If I make 3 posts a day the quality will be terrible and Ill struggle to make an additional $0.00003 , never mind $3! This is hopeless! I want to check the Adsense stats again!. This kinda happens to me every day as I love relating to my past failures! I can do this for hours and hours and its just useless and contributes absolutely nothing. I haven’t created any new posts, pages or scripts. I haven’t answered emails. Ive just depressed myself and made it even harder to envisage success. If you cant envisage success, you wont succeed.
  • The only way out of this is to actually get off your ass and give more. There isnt any other option. Ad placements, SEO and Promotion will get you only so far. In the end of the day, youll stay seek out the stats for comfort. Focus on what you want from life in the short term, making it achievable and simply go for it. Lock yourself in a padded cell with only a laptop and power supply if you have to. Open up WordPress and start typing. If it reads like shit, save it as a Draft and start again. Do anything at all bar the stats routine! Your bank balance will thank you (if it could) in the long run.

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