Problems with Ubuntu

Since the keyboard failure last week Ive been using Ubuntu for everything and thankfully its becoming easier to find my way around the interface. I’m seriously thinking of keeping Linux on a long term basis – especially if I can get my card working with this distro. Support for the 1212M is built into the kernel by default – its just that the card requires another piece of software called Patchmix DSP to run and it isn’t compatible with Linux.

I tried playing around with the GIMP last night and felt like I was getting nowhere. I had set out to create a top banner for the website but I just couldn’t get it working for me so I booted up the laptop and created it within Macromedia Fireworks. Ive been a Fireworks fanboy ever since I started out with web development. Its efficient for churning out simple web graphics and I’m bummed out that Adobe have decided to phase the series out as part of the terms of the Macromedia buy-out. As they say – all good things must come to an end!

I seriously need to find a better FTP client than gFTP. The interface is horrible and it disconnects regularly. Grrrr.

Back on topic – Ive been reading this thread about Ubuntus support for the Emu 1212M and it seems as though a few developers are working on making it fully compatible with Linux. Lets pray that this comes about as I’m starting to fall in love with this system. You wouldn’t have heard me say that a few months ago – particularly when I was first trying to install it. Stranger things have happened!

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