Purchasing a Paid Review on a Popular Website

Sorry for the late update, I was helping my dad install Windows Vista there (which Im quite impressed with actually!).

Anyway lets get down to business, yesterday a popular blogger posted a comprehensive review of this site which raised some key points that Ill delve further into later. Now, onto the gravy

Many of you were interested to know what effect the review would have upon traffic and subscribers. Lets start with the former.


Last week my blog received on average 50 visits a day. Yesterday it received a (comparatively) whopping 406 uniques! Today a further 626 visits have been recorded, totaling 1000 direct referrals from Johns blog in a 26 hour period.

Now 1000 visits may not seem overly impressive, but the level of visitor participation has been phenomenal. You’ve all submitted 50 comments within 26 hours. Wahey!


Before the Effect the blog had 2 subscribers, that figure has since quadrupled to 8. I’m about to hit the big time here folks!


Whilst it was cool to receive the influx of traffic and the additional subscribers, both paled in comparison to the great advice given by John and his visitors.

Ill share just a few of the wise words posted over on the review page. You should read it if you haven’t already, its quite inspiring!

Second, Matt could document how his blog goes from his current state, to a blog that has direction. In fact, that could be the theme of his blog.

Wouldn’t that be a good idea? Throw up a random blog, pay for ads, and have people come back to your site to read on what you did to use the exposure for gaining MORE exposure.

He has hit the nail in the head in a big way. Exposing the path of transformation from failure to success is a fantastic idea! Its an avenue I’m going to explore in the next month or two. It will give the blog some desperately needed coherency. I could even change my blogs branding to reflect this.

You say you are going to be a millionaire soon. The “soon” part I don’t like. To me, soon is the same as someday. I recommend you put a date on when you will achieve millionaire status. Saying soon just makes it a dream. Putting a date on it makes it a goal. I challenge you to change your “I’m going to be a millionaire soon” to “I’m going to be a millionaire on [enter date]” and put that on your blog. It will be a daily reminder on how little time you have left and help drive you forward.

I knew in the back of my mind that the millionaire comment wasn’t for real. He is right in that I’ll never make it if I keep envisaging success in the future. I should be focusing on each individual step on the road to success, rather than staring blindly at an illusion. The problem is I don’t have a road at the minute! I’m finding it really difficult creating a coherent plan. Where should it end? How will I know its the end?

Here are the steps I have so far.

I want to move to the mainland by June. I would like to buy a house in the region of $400,000, which would require me to be making at least $80,000 a year for it to be affordable.
By July I want to be earning $400 a week, which is my current full-time salary.

Ive just thought of something and I cant believe I didn’t think of it before. I should publish part of my plan on a static page on the blog instead of making scattered posts every time I want to add something to it! It would eradicate the need for at least 2 of the overlapping post categories as well. Bingo!

And finally

The big question! Would I recommend the review service? Yes definitely. Ill keep this as short as possible by summarizing the key points.

He offers open constructive criticism on your website. The commentators take it to another level by questioning parts of Johns argument, pitching in their own opinions.
The review has provided a continuing swarm of targeted traffic.
Many of the visitors have expressed interest in becoming regular readers over here. Fantastic!
He kept my review at the top of his blog for over 12 hours – which I thought was really cool.
I now realize that I need a little more discipline in order to achieve success. Repeat after me! Focus is key. Focus is key.

If you want to kickstart your blog, I honestly cant see a better way to invest $125. Be quick though, the half price offer ends in March!

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