Reflecting on Selling the Site

Last week I sold Fart site via private message on Digitalpoint at $2,000 which was my BIN price. People have since asked me why I decided to list the website in the first place. First and foremost Ive realized that I pretty much suck at creating serious websites, so a lot of the money will be invested into acquiring established technology blogs.

Here are a few more reasons on why I decided to sell.

With Fart site I was putting all of my eggs into one basket. If I’d have been banned from Adsense during that period my earnings would’ve been badly hit.
Its good to move on and rekindle your energies with a new project, especially with smaller sites.
There are no Vista drivers for my laptops microphone meaning I cant record any more farts. This is a serious drag.
Ive been served eviction orders for disturbing the peace regularly at night.

Its been more difficult than I had anticipated to buy valuable websites. As Ive mentioned before most of the stuff listed on Digitalpoint is full of shit. One thing you can do to increase the effectiveness of your search is to use the Advanced Search facility on DP, selecting search titles only and the type of site you are interested in (e.g. proxy blog, myspace resource site or whatever you are interested in). Also ensure that you’ve highlighted the Sites forum from the Search in Forum(s) box before you proceed to improve the relevancy of the results.

I’m beginning to recognize that there is sometimes a massive gap between how Digitalpoint and Sitepoint users value their websites. Its possible to acquire a website for next to nothing on Digitalpoint and to then flip it almost instantly on Sitepoint for 2x more. You need to do your research here though! DN Scoop is really useful for determining the relative value of a site. What I do is calculate the value of some of my established websites with DN Scoop and then use that as a scale to decide just how popular/valuable the site in question is. Its important not to take the absolute predicted value seriously.

One of the biggest indicators of a sites potential is your knowledge in the subject area. If you know nothing about past life regression how the hell are you gonna update such a site without hiring someone to help you? At least if you know the subject area in and out you can divulge the information in a refreshing format rather than resorting to rewording yet another Wikipedia article.

Cutting through the crap on Digitalpoint going solely by titles!

For Sale – Profitable website – Alarm bells ring immediately! If a site is so profitable why sell it? If you see such a title you should be extra thorough in investigating the sellers motives for listing the website.
New Forum – Great Potential – There are so many of these listings nowadays. Remember most forums have potential, its just actualizing it that is a real pain in the ass. Try to avoid new forums in over saturated niches especially i.e. webmaster/SEO unless its targetted towards an under-served mini-niche within that area.
SEO Optimised Site For Sale – This has to be one of the most dumb things you could ever put into a listing title. Buyers are looking for websites with flaws that can be easily improved upon. An unoptimised website can easily be re-worked to bring in substantantially more traffic with little overheads. A better title would be Completely Un-SEOed website for sale.
Cheap site for sale – There arent many titles more unappealing than this! Price isnt the only factor we evaluate when considering the value of a deal. Were looking for the sites with the most promise!

An update on what Ive done with the Fart Noises money

Ladies and gentlemen, Ive caved in and bought an Xbox 360 with Gears of War, Elder Scrolls : Oblivion and Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis. Luckily I still have almost $1000 left in my site kitty. Hmmm, knowing my luck loads of great websites will come on the market at low prices that Ill miss out on.

One things for sure and that’s that flipping websites shouldn’t be your only stream of income no matter how profitable it may seem in the short term. It seems as though Ive forgotten how to blog in the last week!

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