Setting up my New Year Strategy

This is something that I’ve been avoiding like the plague for months now. I realized on Sunday properly that I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life. I only seem to have a vague idea about where I’m going and I don’t know whether or not these conceptions are true.

Its easy enough to specify that I want to earn $20,000 in the coming year. What use will that be to me though? What will it mean and how will I spend it? Will it make me happy or will I end up chasing the next $20k blindly?

All I know is that I want to be my own boss. I don’t really have the temperament to work under people for any length of time – especially when the egos are out

I want to continue creating websites for myself. I get a lot more satisfaction out of creating personal websites than commercial ones, simply because the customer has the creative licence to go ahead and botch up your work. And as well as this – you seem to have to go out of the way to impress other people which I find tiring after a while. I’m getting ahead of myself again. Heh.

If I continue to avoid writing up this plan, I will literally be passing up on success. Its harder than I thought it would be as it requires a lot of soul-searching which is always fun.

Where the hell will I be in a year from now? Will I still be struggling to create successful websites and complaining about my lack of creativity on this journal. How will my family be? How will I be? Awww fuck Ill take a leaf out of Eckhart Tolles Book The Power of Now and quit with the fearing of the future and actually focus on where I am now. Hmmmmm.

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