Site Updates and Income

Its great to wake up in the morning knowing that you don’t have to go into work! I’ve spent most of the holidays gorging on chocolate, reading books and lying on the ground ready to barf my guts up.

The good thing is that I have tomorrow off too so I might have a bit of a toast tonight. So whats new? Its been so long!

Site updates

My noises site continues to perform beyond expectation. It earned $13 on Adsense alone three days ago which is really good news. A number of my other new sites are rising stars too. Its an exciting time and my work is finally paying off. The next target is to be earning $22.50 consistently by the last week of April.

I think I’m ready to try something similar to the 50 sites in 50 days challenge again, only this time it wont be as ambitious and Ill use domains Ive already registered. The problem with the last campaign was that I was trying to develop complete sites within a 2 hour period which isn’t really possible. The idea is to start a new blog a day, getting it into a position were it can be developed within the coming months and leaving it.

I received my check from Adult Friend Finder a few weeks ago but unfortunately my camera is broken. Ill have to take a picture of it before I cash it heh. Im well on my way to the next one. Hopefully I can push my earnings from AFF up to about $200 a month. My target with Text Link Ads is $300 a month by August.

Things Ive learned this week

  • Develop something you can fall back on. You need at least a few sites which provide real value to your visitors that you can then monetize.
  • Don’t judge yourself by the standards other bloggers set themselves. Know why you blog and set your own standards. Its your journey after all.
  • Enjoy some time away from the computer. If you are struggling with ideas for your sites then step away, relax and enjoy life! You’ll come back invigorated!
  • Establish a long term goal. When your earnings dont meet your expectations then look towards your goal rather than sinking into apathy. Everyone has a day where they earn fuck all. Those days will continue unless you act upon your disappointment.
  • Establish true friendships with webmasters in your niche. Networking works to an extent but it sounds too damn impersonal! Get to know the people who are working in the same market and learn from their mistakes as well as your own.
  • Find what works for you and do it over and over again!

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