So things aren’t going well

God damn it, this is really frustrating. I just don’t have the energy to put any of my plans into fruition. Visiting Edinburgh may well have been a mistake! Now that I’m back home I feel completely unsettled I want to travel and meet new people now! Argh. I’m just going to have to wait until June.

I’m trying to keep the whole Internet Business plan together by completing a task each day which will put me a step closer to where I want to be. And God knows where that is. Hopefully this will all shift soon. I need to seriously clarify my plans. Re-evaulate exactly what I want out of this and why. I just never know where to start. Isn’t there some snazzy Web 2.0 site that could take care of this.

I feel really pissed off with myself about the laptop too. Ive wasted so much money recently, its an absolute disgrace. I just don’t really treasure possessions that much. I’m a careless little shit. Welcome to Negativity Central – Population One. Part of the problem is that my laptop is perfectly set up for web development whereas my Ubuntu box isn’t. Ive tried messing around with Bluefish but I just cant get used to its interface. It feels wrong or something. I’m going to persist with it though at least until the laptop is repaired. I’m going to take it to a company who specializes in laptop repair locally. They’ll probably rip me off but at least it beats me making a botched job of it.

I want out of this country for a while. That’s partly why I’m doing this, isn’t it? God knows. I need my own place too. Right enough of the mindless self pitying.

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