Subscriber Counts Modern Day Popularity Contest?

Ok call me a heretic if you will but Ive only ever used a feed reader once or twice. I can understand that they are necessary if you have to keep up with a bazillion blogs everyday but I don’t. I read maybe 10-20 blogs daily and that’s it.

Why does it seem that everyone has the same chicklet on the blog showcasing their amount of subscribers? Is it even important? Who are these people that are subscribing to feeds? Are they experts or novices in the field of SEO/Entrepreneurship? Is a blog with 250 subscribers always more authoritative than one with 25?

I’ve absolutely no idea to be honest. After I press Publish my blog might implode and disappear off into a spooky ghost world choc-a-bloc full of leprechaun types smoking Grade-C Irish hashish. Either way Ill still be typing into a half empty text-box in WordPress hoping that the next paragraph will be pure fucking gold.

I don’t think Ill ever care much for people who subscribe to my feed and never visit the site. I love visiting websites on my blogroll individually and experiencing everything about them. I like seeing the layout of their blog and reading stuff about the blogger. It makes everything more intimate. That might sound incredibly pretentious (and it is) but I think you can miss out on so much if you simply subscribe to a feed.

If someone doesn’t have enough time to visit your site, either they are too busy or your branding isn’t strong enough. And if they are too busy, fuck them. What do you stand to lose? People come and they go I guess. Id rather people actually felt something about my site. A fuck you, you are full of shit is much better than a yeah hes alright in my eyes.

What I’m trying to say is that I hope that I provide enough on this website so that people want to visit it and experience something! Not purely through a feed reader What matters is that people contribute and respond in some way to my posts!

Id rather have 5 active contributors than 5000 passive subscribers any day. And thankfully yall contribute regularly (or at least you used to before this rant, heh).

Anyway, I had a bit of an off day today and created the Swing page. I’m experiencing a bit of a meltdown at the minute. Bare with me.

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