Sudden Explosion for an Unexpecting Site

My Fart blog was established back in September as somewhat of a joke, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that it could have been profitable. From September to October I spent a while each day developing about 15 pages of content targeted at what I thought were keywords with serious traffic potential. Alas, I was wrong! The keyphrases brought in very little traffic which led me to hastily abandon the website.

Fast forward to December when I decided to overhaul the website with Cake PHP. Well that was the idea anyway! I ended up ruining the website leaving only unformatted text where the blog articles used to be. I thought the site was dead for good and I was a little upset.

Now in March I accidentally stumbled across the Awstats for the domain. I wasn’t expecting much to start with, I would have been reasonably happy with maybe 20-30 visits a day. It turned out that I was wrong! Fart was receiving at least 100 visits a day. At this point I converted the site back to WordPress, sought out a new template, slapped in the Google Analytics code and began writing some silly posts related to farting.

Throughout March the traffic began to climb like hell, as did the earnings. The trend for April has been much more stable. You could almost say that I’ve hit a plateau with traffic. Still with that said Fart Noises is now one of my best earners, bringing in on average $10+ a day. Not bad for a site that Id almost given up all hope on, eh?

I think it goes to show that its possible to resurrect a dead blog and bring it back to the attention of a new audience. If you feel like you’re falling behind with your blog schedule dont let public expectancy cripple you. Instead focus your energies on creating cool content that your audience can gain value from. Even if your audience is a bunch of fart-loving teenagers

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