Too many blog categories a problem?

I’ve been experiencing trouble trying to keep all of my posts categorized recently. There are so many categories that its hard to know what exactly to file a post under.

So how manys too many? I guess you have to take it on a blog by blog basis. This blog is 5 months old and has just over a few hundred posts, I hardly think its deserving of over 30 categories. It seems as if I’m diluting my link authority by focusing on such a broad range of topics. It’d be beneficial to either remove all of my categories altogether or define broader types and move the posts to there. Topics like PHP, Javascript and Web Design might fall under Technology or something similar.

A serious issue relating to ineffective internal link structure was voiced over on Seo Book earlier this month. Leading marketing guru Shoemoney managed to increase search engine traffic to his blog by a whopping 1400% by stopping search engine robots from crawling his site.

I can see how this would apply to having too many categories, especially if you’ve been filing posts under several titles.

Now that Ive looked at it more closely Ive realised that this is maybe why some of my posts are as appearing supplemental when I run a site:domain on Google. Or alternatively it might be down to the sites lack of natural backlinks. Very few sites have cited anything that Ive written and most of my links are reciprocals, which I understand can be problematic.

On reflection I should have spent more time at the beginning devising a proper category structure for my blog. Ive been playing catchup ever since and Ive missed out on some opportunities for ranking higher in the search engines through failing to target these categories towards open niches.

My advice if youre starting out is to..

Analyze how other related sites niche implement categorization.
Brainstorm the central themes related to your site.
Refine the results until you’ve a set of usable categories.
And actually file your posts under the categories WHILST you’re writing them. Its a good damn pain in the ass having to come back and do it to 50 at a later date.

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