Why I’m Quitting New Years Resolutions

There isn’t anything special about New Years Day. Expecting life to change when the clock strikes twelve is simply setting yourself for disappointment. Why should New Years Day be the only time in the year you reflect on the course of your life?

Your resolutions reflect who you were when you made them. In 5 months time your life may have changed dramatically for better or for worse and your plans may no longer apply. In cases like this – resolutions are destined to fail.
Ill be the first to admit that resolutions are often for show and mean very little to me. Why swear to stop photocopying your ass in the office when you know deep inside that you have every intention to smear your ass all over that glass plate the moment you return from your holidays? If you must make resolutions – keep them to yourself! Relying on public pressure as a means of avoiding failure is dangerous.

Treat every moment in life as New Years. Remember you can change your life at any moment and our time is running out! Why limit yourself to 70-75 stabs at altering the direction of your life?
And finally – aim to create short term goals rather than longer ones – that way the feedback loop is shorter. Its better to find out that your plans are doomed to failure in 5 days rather than 5 weeks.

And on the topic of goals.Tag Your It! Ive been tagged to list my business goals for the coming year. Hell! Why not?

Concentrate on creating friendships rather than business relationships over the Internet. Delete my Myspace account once and for all. Learn to treat the blogging community as a social networking site instead.
Be grateful of the relationships Ive already made here!
This ones important – I must take both praise and criticism with a pinch of salt! Too often, I see criticism as personal attack when really it can be quite useful. I need to distance myself from my work a little and learn that there will always be cynics – especially in this field.
Setup some sort of Wiki on this domain where I can devise a personal plan?
Set aside a separate kitty which I can use exclusively for my endeavors on the Internet.
Continue to be an overly-serious Wikipedia-reading whore.
Continue to make a drunken fool of myself at bars/buffets/public receptions.

And by the way, these don’t count as New Year resolutions. They take effect from now and I reserve the right to change them whenever I see fit!

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