A Quick Google Desktop Review

I installed Google Desktop again last night on a whim after seeing a preview of the analogue clock widget. To my surprise its been quite useful so far what with the To Do and Scratch Pad extensions

Whats more impressive is that you can develop your own tools with the Google Web Toolkit. Wahey – I now have a reason to learn Java!

The Google Sidebar could add a whole new dimension to viral marketing. Digg and Myspace already have widgets developed to provide better user interaction. Surely the average viral marketer would be able to provide a widget which adds value to a users experience whilst building awareness of their brand? Its something worth thinking about.

With Myspace I think it would be cool if you could bind the widget to your account it then reads in all of your interests and then automatically shows your the profiles of people with similar interests. Instead of displaying Cool New People on the website it could display the profiles of a number of users who like your favorite band.

Now to go off on a bit of a tangent – the major problem with communities like Myspace (besides the fact its crap, heh) is that it is difficult to make friends. Its awkward having to ask someone to be your friend – especially when you have none on your list to start with.

What I really liked about My Blog Log is its opens. For instance when people visit your profile, a link is back to theirs on the main page, making it easier to get in touch with others.

Its a pity that the friends system in Digg seems to be so alienated from the rest of the site. I cant really see any means for interaction bar replying to each others comments on Dugg stories. I guess this keeps focus on where the creators want it – on the news.

I think Ive deviated ever so slightly here.as always.

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