Adwords Campaign = No Results

Still not much to report in the way of commissions. The performance of my Adsense campaign has been slightly disappointing as well. Ive spent close to £10 now and am contemplating pulling the plug. I should really let it run until I amount up a few hundred clicks however I just get the feeling that the Clickbank products Im marketing are lousy and never will perform that well. I need to have at least a little faith in the product for it to be worthwhile.

I really want to get started with web properties. I love the programming side of web development, its normally the content that’s the pain. I need to finish off a few other projects beforehand though. I cant seem to keep my concentration on one thing at the moment. Tried signing up for a Hot or Not API key but I’m yet to receive a response. Might try again later, I had an idea for a silly site.

Tried installing on SOAP on Dreamhost earlier on but I wasn’t getting anywhere really. I don’t really want to have to resort to using Nusoap though, part of the appeal of PHP 5 was that it had stuff like this built into it by default. Might use the Technorati API with it. Don’t know as of yet.

Damn it, Ill leaving the Adwords campaign running in the background.

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