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This week Ive been on the lookout for some cool websites for sale on Sitepoint, Namepros and Digitalpoint. As per usual its a case of wading through the usual heap of proxy, turnkey and pixel dollar sites without encountering anything interesting.

Anyway Ive started to notice how many people mention how their website has huge potential. Once I see a listing like this I can immediately smell bullshit. I mean if the site has such a great future why list it in the first place? Wouldn’t it be better to hold onto it and make the required changes to unleash its potential?

Thats not to say that its true in every case. At the start of the year I wrote something similar in my listing for a site and I was right. I sold a PR4 blog with about 100 uniques a day and 50 reasonably well written articles for $100. My Adsense earnings were minimal from the blog due to poor Adsense positioning. In this instance the site had real potential, especially at $100. I just didn’t realize it at the time!

In terms of evaluating a sites true potential here are a few factors to consider.

Is the content provoking thoughtful reactions from its audience even if traffic is minimal?
Has any SEO been performed on the site? The less, the better!
Is traffic steadily increasing or has it reached a plateau? Its often better to buy a website that is experiencing prolonged gradual growth rather than one which explodes with traffic – hits a rut and then dies on its ass.
Will you be able to update it? Theres no point in buying a meditation blog if you know nothing of the subject area.

The cool thing about Digitalpoint is that every so often someone will list a PR3 or PR4 site with a reasonable amount of quality content for under $200. If little to no SEO has been carried out in the blog, its safe to say that you can easily double or triple your income by optimizing the site correctly.

New sellers are particularly susceptible to undervaluing their websites by assuming that $0.75 a day on Adsense counts for next to nothing. Depending on the overall quality of the blog (taking into considering both its design and content) the site could be listed for $400-500, whereas many newbies would be happy to settle for a lot less. I think its crucial to view your websites as real estate with tangible value, that way you are in a much better position to make informed trades.

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