Clearing 100 Clicks on Adsense

I can sense its going to happen soon as Ive been averaging approximately 80 a day for the past week. I shouldn’t really be interested in this stat alone really – after all I could be earning 0.05 for each of those clickthroughs and where would that leave me? Thankfully that’s not happening though – PPC has recently doubled for a few of my websites. The PPC hasn’t reverted back to last months high but its getting there I guess.

Itll be cool to observe just what impact Pagerank has upon the PPC for each site over the coming months. Most of my sites that are serving Adsense ads have no Pagerank at the moment so if smart pricing theory is true there should be a definite increase as the weeks progress. That’s assuming that the link popularity of each website increases too.

Ive been averaging around $3 a day on Adsense this week which is a slight increase from the usual $1-2 bracket. I ideally want to pass the $10 a day average by New Years at the latest. Hopefully I can keep everything on track as things haven’t been going that well recently.

Wish me luck.

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