Domain name craziness

Ive been following this since it started and I’m surprised by how successful it has been thus far. For those of you new to the website, the guy who is running it started off with a domain hoping to trade it for another more valuable domain name. It is his aim to continue trading names until he has found one worth $1 million.

He started off by trading domains. That was subsequently traded in for a good domain which is a pretty good name in my opinion. Its coming on leaps and bounds at the moment but I have my doubts over whether the idea can sustain the pace. God knows how long it’ll take until hes found one worth $1 million, presuming that it even happens.

I was tempted at the start to submit a few of my own domain names – but I just didn’t get around to it. It would have been nice to have been part of history..mwahahah!

Now – I think its about time I came up with an idea to easily make $1 million. Anyone have any ideas? I swear Ill give you a cut of the proceeds! Any takers? Anyone?!?! It was worth a try.

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