Don’t Make Work a Chore

Warning : The following post is full of pretentious psychobabble. If you’re easily offended by rambling hippy dross, please look away now.

I’m terrified of bees. I really do hate the bastards out of principle. I could give a thousand reasons why but none of them are that interesting.

Anyway, I was in KFC the other day with my friends from work when this huge bee came in and started clambering clumsily across the window pane. As per usual I freaked out like a little cissy girl. At one point I even thought about leaving the restaurant and returning to the car to avoid the fucker. Yes I really am that bad.

I arrived back at the office curious to find out a little more about bees and as per usual Wikipedia saved the day. On the Wiki entry I came across the picture above and it got me thinking. Bees do little else but collect pollen and nectar. Its their job and they love it. Yet as humans we generally see work as a chore, something that has to be avoided. Its separate from our real interests in life. Yet with bees it IS their life.

If work seems like a chore then you’re doing something wrong. You’re wrestling against your conscience. Since I bought the review back in February I’ve felt obligated to update this blog on a daily basis and it soon became a strain. I was updating the blog because I felt I owed it to people, not because I wanted to as such. I lost my purpose a bit.

Since then Ive realized that I really do love web development/affiliate marketing. When I’m writing code I don’t see it as work. Work is resistance. When I’m developing websites Im actually enjoying myself..

I don’t want to spend the rest of my life working for someone who just sees me as another number. I mean the prospect of total obliteration after death is real. Why should we sell what little time we have on earth for a meagre hourly rate?

I want to spend the rest of my life devoted to what I love which is buying and developing new websites. The minute it becomes a chore I’m gonna quit and become a hamburger flipper.. or a Nun! I hear transgender operations are comparatively cheap these days

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