Dynadots Grace Period Ripe for Abuse?

Dynadot are currently offering a 5 day grace period on almost of their all newly registered domains, allowing you to delete your names for a full refund in credit. Its certainly a great idea but one which is liable to be abused. How so?

Well lets say that you are experimenting with domain typos. Theoretically you could delete all of your domain names which receive little or no traffic within the grace period and have a second bite of the cherry. The question is, is this abusing the system or is it a legitimate form of domain speculation?

It definitely has its advantages. Firstly it frees up domains that aren’t of any use to you. Secondly it dramatically reduces the amount of risk involved in selecting valuable typos. This could be especially useful for newcomers to the business. It would have saved me $45 last month on registering useless names (if Id known about it at the time).

The question is, how much is too much? Would Dynadot or any other registrar which implements a similar system allow you to delete 300 domains a day? Would this be dependent on how much you’ve already spent with that company?

If any of you have experience with a grace period system it would be great to hear from you!

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