Finding 4 letter .com domains

Well hello there! Ive spent the weekend so far foraging around Deleted Domains for expired 4 character .coms. There’s much debate about the future of this specific type of name – with many predicting that theyll only continue to increase in value as more and more of the .coms are snapped up.

I think Ill invest in a few over the coming days if I can actually find anything worthwhile. I wont be registering any old!

Anyhow, Ive noticed a few trends so far that Id thought Id share with you.

A domain name with numbers in it will be generally worth less than one comprised entirely of letters.
It seriously helps if the letters form an acronym. Acronym Finder is your friend here.
Pronouncability is key. Try ringing up a friend and reading your name down the phone to them. If they can understand you first time you might be on to a winner. You cant cheat and read out each letter by the way!
Enter the domain name without the TLD into a Google Search. Generally the more results that are returned the more potential the domain has. Use this as part of a vetting process only. You’ll need to analyze the strength of the returned sites before you have a true indicator of the domains strength.
You might even want to check the domains Alexa Rating. Its pretty doubtful that youll come across an expired name with a significant amount of traffic. Most are snapped up by backordering services like, who charge a minimum of $60 per name.
Hypenated names are generally worth next to nothing. There are exceptions however.

It would be cool to pick up one with existing traffic, although Im pretty wary about capturing names that people genuinely need. Ive fallen foul of this before myself with a site that was receiving over 5000 uniques a day. I guess you could say it was my fault for not registering it again on time, still I don’t think its entirely fair especially if you’ve invested a lot of time creating something that adds to the Internet.

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