Getting Rejected from Review Platform

Heh, its official! My blog isn’t popular enough yet to be listed on a popular review site. I received an e-mail about the site yesterday morning and I’m assuming its made by the people who were responsible for the text advertising site. In case you aren’t familiar with it already, advertisers who would like their product or service reviewed select a website from the sites pool. The targeted site can then accept or refuse the approach and if the former is true, they must write the review for a premium.

This depends entirely upon your pages popularity, with the least popular sites being offered $20 and the more established pages receiving up to $200.

Its a great idea, but once again I must question why the base price for a review is so high. $40 is quite a lot, particularly when the review will appear on a site that’s not that popular. Although in saying that its a positive sign that they seem to be rejecting unestablished blogs. I wonder where exactly the cut off point is in terms of popularity. And more importantly how the hell do they measure the popularity in the first place?

Its something Id definitely be interested in trying in a few months down the line.

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