Getting Settled with Adwords

After 3 months worth of deliberation Ive finally confirmed my subscription to Google Adwords. Must admit I wasn’t impressed by the £5 activation charge but what can you do really? My first move involved setting up a campaign targeted towards my Meaning of a Dream website. Im hoping to sell Dreaming e-books through Clickbank, most of which offer around $8 per unit sold.

Its all very exciting! I am addicted to rummaging around the Sandbox for cheap keywords. Ive set up 4 keywords for this domain with an average cost of about £0.14 a click. Which is roughly $0.26. So to break even I need to sell one book for every thirty clickthroughs. It might be hard to make a profit. Ill try to find cheaper keywords and in the meantime Ill optimize the positioning of the links on my site. Every little helps.

Ive just realized that the pay per click prices are extremely low for Dream sites which is maybe why I was earning virtually nothing from my Adsense ads. Ive commented them out in the meantime to see if that improves my CTR.

Is it natural to be this excited?

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