Grabbing Premium Domains the Easy Way

You might remember that I explored a method for capturing hot technology related names through scouring Digg in my post about Registering Valuable Domains article. The principle was simple, I simply scanned through the Upcoming Stories page on Digg until I came across a newish sounding technology, entered the name into a domain search tool and prayed that all of the TLDs were available. As you can imagine this was very rarely the case and Id usually give up after 10 or so names.

Now, I tried something slightly different yesterday afternoon. I came across this story on Digg regarding the availability of WUSB (Wireless USB) in the new Nokia phones. Immediately I searched for the availability of wusb in all domain extensions followed up by wirelessusb. No joy. Then it came to me, if WUSB is adopted in any major way related names will be valuable too giving time. Now the problem was, how would I go about deciding which related domains to choose? Easy. Wordtracker.

Since WUSB is the evolved form of USB, its fair to assume that there is some correlation between popular USB and WUSB-related search phrases. After entering usb as the search phrase, Wordtrackers Keyword Universe tool returned the following results.

Right away we can see a few phrases that wont apply to Wireless USB with usb cables and usb cable. Now scanning further down the list usb drivers immediately pops out of the screen. Why? Most forms of hardware require drivers of some sort and the same applies to WUSB. Whilst may never be worth as much as, it could be worth at least a few hundred dollars at some point.

Suffice to say, I registered it without much hesitation and whilst it has little value now, it could turn out to be a handy investment in a few years time.

I took a bigger gamble with a domain as its still uncertain over whether WUSB will fully replace USB with all computer peripherals. For all I know, the adoption of WUSB could stop with cellphones and spread no further. At least with a domain there is certain to be some demand, at least for a while.

Finding related technologies

Now it may turn out that you’ve exhausted one particular path. Perhaps you’ve already registered all of the wusb domains available. Where do we go from here? Wikipedia, ahoy! Now lets look at the article on WUSB. At the bottom of the page, within the See Also section several more technologies are referenced, including

Aha! More obscure technologies. Now its time to repeat the above process, checking to see if the original terms are free and if not exploring some of the popular related names. Its best to do a little research on the technology beforehand so you can understand more about it and what else its related to, that way you can make an informed decision on the search term to base your decision on.

As an example after reading through the WUSB, I learnt it doesnt make use of a hub. If you check back to the original list youll notice that usb hub appears pretty high there. It would therefore have been a mistake to register wusbhub or since no such items will exist.

Keep on searching, never give up

Wusb is just one example of a technology thats just emerged recently, there are thousands established every year. Its a mistake to think that all of the premium domains have already been taken whilst technological progress is so rapid. A year or two ago it would have been possible to snap up some hot Ruby on Rails related .coms at the click of the button. 6 years ago the same was true with PHP!

The lesson is to remain alert, optimistic and to continue pursuing the path even when you’ve been drawing blanks for what may seem like an eternity!

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