Grinding and Grinding more

Wahey! Ive finished work for the week which means I can dedicate more time to developing websites. I keep coming up with tons of ideas for sites and its just a case of prioritizing them now. I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything concrete recently, Ive been hard at work, honest! I think you can only talk so much about reaching targets before you have to put things into action. I’m still worried that Ill begin neglecting my blog a little bit though!

Mark pointed out that leaping from $30 – $60 in 2 months will be a big ask and hes right. Thats why I’m aiming to be well over $30 by June and at the minute I’m not far off $20!

So I’m trying to strike whilst the iron is hot by developing websites in my own peculiar style. Ive had a lot of fun over the last few weeks and it hasn’t felt like Ive been working at all which is a massive plus.

Its just occurred to me that I could probably reach the $60 a day target on its own with a network of fart sites. Heh. That’d be something to put on the CV, wouldn’t it? Im a Doctor of The Farts.

Fuck the new Keyword Evaluator tool on Wordtracker is brilliant! It allows you to research a maximum of 1000 related keywords from a root search term as opposed to the limit of 300 with the old tool. This is seriously cool! Ive uncovered 3-4 profitable niches in the last hour. God bless the Ajax interface too.

Anyhow I’m off to set up a few WordPress websites, thankfully my chest infection is starting to subside. And no work tomorrow, hurrah! Things are seriously beginning to look up.

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