Here we go again

If you’re a reading regular you might remember this little blip of form, from last Thursday night. At the time I couldn’t concentrate on anything. In my mind, everything I had created up to that point on the internet amounted to shit. Things were quite hairy for a while.

Thankfully, Ive since changed my outlook a little. Heres how.

Using Power Hours

If you are anything like me – youll spend most of your time on the internet flicking endlessly between Digg, Google Analytics and your Adsense reports hoping that success will come to you without any effort. This obviously isn’t the case – if you want to succeed you need to become proactive and power hours are a step in the right direction.
It can be helpful to pencil in a few of these each week in your schedule.

During these sessions its important to eliminate all means of distraction and focus on exactly you want to achieve during the period. Its best to compile a list similar to the one below, beforehand.

Write a 500-700 word article on how to increase productivity.
Leave 5 helpful comments on related blogs
Start a new topic on a related 5 and make 5 posts.

Power hours are more effective if you have a plan laid out, that way you have something to build towards. You can begin creating Power Months where you’ll have a broader list of your aims and objectives, eventually breaking it down into Power Days and then Power Hours.

The main benefit of this technique is that it helps build momentum and promotes organization. Once you begin to see your earnings increase, you actually feel as though your online efforts are worthwhile.

End the Apathy and Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

I feel really drained at the minute. I can barely focus on the monitor. Every word I type is a strain on my fingers. Luckily, Ive found a way past this. It involves getting emotional. This will vary widely depending upon your world view.

It doesn’t matter if I’m feeling seriously pissed off at homophobic evangelicals or reflecting on my own mortality – it still has the same effect. I feel full of life.

This is pretty easy to replicate, just ask yourself the following questions. What irritates you? What frightens you? What fills you with awe? Follow through and challenge yourself until you begin to feel seriously uneasy and let it be the fuel behind your efforts.

Perhaps there is no meaning to life. Or maybe there is some Divine Plan for us afterall! Either way were only here for a short while what follows? Eternal nothingness or bliss? Perhaps you are wrong and whats the other option?

The specifics are irrelevant, your main goal is to feel as much as possible. You can experience the same effects by getting a good nights sleep, going for a run or having a chat with a friend or relative.

You Create Your Own Reality

This point is inspired somewhat by Allen Heats The Myth We Need To Dispel. Im no mystic and I dont subscribe to much of that self-help, airy-fairy motivational bullshit, but I do sincerely believe that we make our own reality. We each have our own idea of whats real and what isn’t. Each of these ideas weaves a small piece of the tapestry thats our world view.

Similarly its easy to believe that its not possible to earn a living online – particularly when were so far from attaining it. Why should we believe in it if we haven’t experienced it? We can see people like Darren Rowse and John Chow who’ve made a living for themselves through their online ventures, but it still isn’t helpful as their level of success often towers above what we often think is possible.

Most of these boundaries are self-enforced. I seem to have fallen in love with being in the little league. I feel comfortable here. It has its benefits after all! I don’t have to live up to the responsibility of writing excellent content day-in, day-out, for starters. I can come on here a few times a week, spout some crap about how I’ve made $4.50 from Adsense in the last 18 months and retire back to my bedroom where I can watch inane American sitcoms whilst scratching my balls.

In this way, Ive limited my potential to succeed. Fortunately, by realizing this Ive overcome one of my greatest obstacles.

A plan, complete with a list of short term goals is essential if you want to succeed. Each time you successfully complete a goal, you’ve essentially proved to yourself that its real. It makes your end goal seem all the more achievable.

The good news is, after months of dilly-dallying Ive started on mine. Im going to print out about 50 copies of it and put it all around my room.

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