Incorrect Pixel Tracking

Last night before I went to bed I activated Googles Conversion Tracking web service in order to track the success my campaign. I pasted the code in and hit the hay only to awake 7 hours later with a 30% conversion rate after about 50 click throughs. Being suspicious I logged into my Clickbank stats and there was no sales there at all. I was a little disappointed. I think my heart was about to come out of my mouth when I first saw it.

I must read up on how to the tracking system up properly as its invaluable.

Ive put the Adsense ads back up in the meantime in an attempt to compensate for potential losses. Theres been around 65 clicks with no conversions overall which is a bit disappointing. Ill have to give it a week before I can fully assess the situation. I suspect its the product that might stop me making a profit in the long run.

Added a few new keywords in place of ones that went slightly out of my price range and its now estimated that Im due for approximately 400 click throughs a day compared to yesterdays approximation of 35. All of my main keywords are priced at £0.06 so that will cost £24 overall if all goes well. Im really hoping for a strong performance from the adsense campaign as it will take the onus off the Clickbank products having to sell so well.

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