Is Domain Parking Revenue dead?

In the past, a popular technique for generating revenue with parked domains involved targeting an extremely focused niche with little competition, registering a domain containing the desired keywords and linking back to it so that Google indexed the targeted page.

On Friday I registered a number of domains which was targetted towards, yes you’ve guessed it, the search phrases. Since then Ive yet to receive a single hit from the search engines which isn’t surprisingly considering Google in particular continues to tighten its duplicate content filters.

So is search powered PPC domain parking dead? Many would hope so, but until MSN follows Googles lead and takes a hardened stance against spam the market is still live.

How To Exploit Search Powered PPC Domain Parking For Your Benefit.

Start with the Adwords Keyword Sandbox, pick a broad top-level search term such as travel and attempt to narrow your search phrase down until you’ve found a phrase with at least some demand and very little supply. You can check how many pages are targeting a specific phrase through a Google search. Be sure to encapsulate your search phrase in quotes like so.

Generally, the fewer results Google returns the better which implies that there is less competition for that phrase. However this isn’t always the case, if you want to profile the competition more extensively, download and install the SEO for Firefox plugin, which will give you a much more thorough breakdown of your competitors strengths and weaknesses.

Narrowing your search down

The keywords you target dont necessarily have to be very popular. Remember you are outlaying a maximum of $10 on a domain name here – to double your inital investment you have to make back on average $0.05 a day for a year. Since .infos are a third of the price of .com/.net/.orgs they may or may not be the way to go depending on your preference!

I found the phrase through Wordtracker – which is a superb tool for finding all sorts of valuable niche phrases. You can perform a competition search on a batch of keywords with each phrases desirability being measured by the KEI index ratio (which essentially divides the total number of results returned by the search engine against the total number of searches performed on that keyword over a certain period).

Park it baby!

Once youve found a suitable keyphrase to target, register the domain and then park it with someone like Namedrive. Namedrive and other domain parking agents allow you to select a keyphrase to associate with each domain which should normally contain the words comprising the domain. You might want to experiment with adding in other related words here to increase the likelihood of ranking for phrases that you hadnt originally intended for.

I cant guarantee that you’ll make millions using this method but you might well find it provides you with a little extra income.

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