Its Officially for Sale Now

Yesterday I decided to list the Fart site up on Sitepoint after realizing it would be more profitable in the long run to acquire some fresh new blogs with the proceeds.

Ive been overwhelmed with the interest in the site so far! The bid currently stands at $1,200 with a BIN of $2,000 which I think is fair for a website that should consistently make at least $200 a month for the next year.

Ill keep yall posted on how the sale goes. Hopefully I can have it all wrapped up by early next week.

Ill miss the bugger yknow, its reinstated my faith in blogging. I think it goes to prove that it isn’t strictly necessary to keep to any type of blogging schedule if the content is compelling enough. After all, I failed to write a single post between November and March and once I resumed blogging the audience came rushing back. Weird eh?

Sometimes all of the advice from the gurus can really take the joy out of blogging. Its almost as if there are a set of blogging commandments that we all must adhere too!

Thou must update x times a week.
Thou must write in lists.
Thou must write at least 300-500 words per post.
Thou must not place your ads like this.

I understand that most of these are considered best practices in the blogosphere and I can see why people recommend them. However there comes a time where all of these regulations can take all of the fun out of blogging. Rather than updating because you want to, you find yourself obligated to stick to these standards in fear of failure. Little by little blogging becomes more of a struggle!

I think its crucial to test these things out for yourself, finding your own set of best practices. Sure enough most should overlap with what is commonly accepted in the blogosphere. But in the end of the day you should let your earnings do the talking. In short, be your own guru and find what works for you!

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