Making an Adsense Rebound

Oh I’m addict for sure! Once again Ive caved in and Im now checking my Adsense account at least once a day. Its making good reading these days though, I’m up to about $30/35 a week. Cool!

I haven’t developed at all tonight, I’m feeling absolutely shattered. Again. Doing nothing seems to drain the energy out of me.

I’m still in the midst of applying for my first passport. Need to buy a replacement birth certificate. Grrrrrrrr! Why must the passport office be so anal? Cant they all chill out a little bit and maybe charge a little bit extra? Id happily pay £150 if it meant I could send a way a half completed form to their office and still receive a passport.

Developing service based sites is definitely the way for me over the next few months. My one service still sitting there doing nothing though. Argh. Ill write some memes and release them for Christmas. Its always fun.

I love CakePHP by the way. I might set up a blog in the near future dedicated to PHP development or something. Although there are already about 70 squillion of them out there.

You’ve got to hand it to me, I have a knack of changing the subject about 30 times a post. Its as if Im going for some sort of record or something. Damn it, its my blog. Ill write as badly as I want. Who am I arguing with here? This is nonsense.

I’m not high I swear, although the vodka kinda knocked me for six. Ill never make a professional.

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