Monetizing New Blogs – Should you?

Frank wrote this excellent post a few days earlier weighing the pros and cons of monetizing young blogs. As you may have noticed I still haven’t placed any permanent ads on this site. Much like Frank, my income from CPC ads didn’t justify the negative impact that the ads were having on my sites image.

I couldn’t help thinking that if the ads discouraged bloggers from backlinking to my work then I would actually be losing money. How much is a link worth after all? $10? $20? My Adsense earnings over a two week period didn’t even reach $3.

I think its crucial that you gain a strong readership with many backlinks from reputable sites in your niche before even completing monetization. Mark, for instance, generally monetizes a site once it reaches 1000 uniques/day.

I don’t think its wise to base this decision on unique visits alone, it might be the case that your site is well optimized for the search engines but few people are actually citing your work. You should factor in the quality and desirability of your content as well. If no one is linking to your site then all it takes is a search engine algorithm update for everything to fall on its ass.

You need to be in a position where your blog has enough varied recognition across your niche so that it can maintain its popularity for a many months to come. Placing ads from day one will discourage reputable bloggers in your niche from linking to your work.

Remember backlinks from such authority sites will form the backbone on which the success of your SEO campaign rests upon. Paid reviews will only get you so far and are arguably worthless until authority sites begin to link to your work.

In the meantime, develop content that will appeal to your audience and forget about the few measly beans you can make from Adsense. Your earning potential will sky-rocket if you continue to give your readership what they want.

As for the future of this blog, I feel like I need to update this blog more consistently before I can even begin to justify monetization. My aim is to get back to the average of 1 post a day that I was at before the Mid-March slump.

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