My SEO is Working

Yoohoo! I had a great holiday and Im convinced all the more that I want to do this full-time. I wanna be like Jack Kerouac with a laptop creating second-rate sites instead of classic beat novels. Enough of the waffle, I want to talk about

When I bought the site in mid-January it was averaging approximately 150 uniques a day. Were now averaging slightly over 300! Today the unique tally is at 150 and that’s before noon!

Wahey, Ive sold my second Text Link Ad on the site! Ideally I would have wanted to have shifted a few more within the 4 days I was away but I guess this will have to do. Adsense earnings for the single ad unit on the left hand side of the page has stabilized at about $0.50 a day. I’m going to experiment with other units over the coming week.

I cant believe that Alexa ratings are regarded at all as a sign of a websites popularity. This blog is ranking somewhere within the 400,000s with 10% of the traffic of my other site – which is struggling to maintain its spot within the top million. I’m guessing more webmasters will have the Alexa toolbar installed than Myspace users which is why this is so.

Ive just noticed too that my other sites ranking has decreased over the week – even though traffic has doubled!

Why do posts always have to have an ending?

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