My Ten Biggest Complaints since Starting my Blog

  1. I think we can all agree that the 50 sites in 50 days campaign was an absolute disaster. Most of the sites created during that period are lying completely stagnant and its proving hard to sell them on for anything over $50. My advice now would be to concentrate on developing one or two sites that capture your interest and increase your revenue that way. If you’re just starting out and you don’t have any websites in your network, buy an established one off Digitalpoint.
  2. At times Ive been afraid to try new formats out like forums or wikis. Back in September I was absolute bored with webmastering because I thought it only entailed static websites and blogs. If you feel uninspired visit similar sites within your niche and gather new ideas from what they’re doing.
  3. I regret not seeing all of my sites as assets. Everything you create is worth something and by adding content to it youre inflating its value on the spot. Its important not to see all of your inactive websites as failures, but as stock in your account which you can later trade.
  4. I should have rid my portfolio of all of the deadwood at an early date. Think of this way, if you can sell two websites for $50 each, you can reinvest that money into developing a minisite on an extremely focused topic.
  5. Its my aim to be more adventurous in the coming months with trading. Its important to keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground at all times because you dont know when the next opportunity is coming around the corner. These things have a habit of trampling right over on your ass if you’re not careful.
  6. I now realize that I should be running my development efforts as a business by keeping financial records. How am I meant to gauge how successful I am if I don’t have accounts? This is crucial I believe to achieve to success as it makes goal setting that much easier and envisaging the bigger picture is a doddle.
  7. Letting past failures interfere too much with my thinking was a mistake. If I struggled to complete a website I wouldn’t let myself move on and develop more websites until the other one was finished – even if I had no intention of completing it. You can put failure to bed now by focusing entirely on the present and creating something which excites both you and your visitors.
  8. I should have recognized that goofy sites were my specialty from the start. Ysee, I struggle to write seriously and always feel the need to take the piss of something and for some reason or another I thought it was impossible to monetize fun sites, which couldn’t be further from the truth. I mean my biggest seller was a hair website which was a complete pisstake created in 2 hours and it went for $1000. $500 isn’t a bad hourly rate at all.
  9. I created sites which were both popular in their own right but I stopped there for one reason or another. I should have created similarly themed websites. In other words if you find an easy way to make money, replicate it over and over until you’re making big bucks.
  10. I’m completely paranoid about grammar and spelling. I understand they are both important but I think they can be restrictive. Ive deleted whole paragraphs at a time from my blog simply because I thought they read awkwardly, yet they were actually enlightening one way or another. Take other peoples lead and write in a way that’s comfortable for you. Remember : all grammar nazis are 45-year-old spinsters with 5 cats who often live on their own in a shabby apartment block in Kentucky. These are the same type of people who’d throw you out of bed for mispronouncing fuck me! during sex.

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