Paying for Honest Reviews and Negative Feedback

In Missed Opportunities I toyed with the idea of creating an opportunity which required the blogger to write a negative review about my blog. Sure enough, last Sunday I set this into action and it has to be one of the best decisions Ive made so far. The criticism itself was worth treble the $100 I spent on the opportunity!

Anyway here what I’ve gathered the following so far from the reviews.

The font is far too small on the page.
The index page seems to go on forever (Ive since reduced the number of posts that appear on the front to 5 from 10).
Far too many categories (this was before I shaved 20 or so categories from the list).
My posts are poorly organized (I think this related to categorization as well).
My attempts at humor dilute the content.
The design itself is lifeless, boring and generic. It isn’t distinctive or even remotely interesting.
The content is inconsequential.

Ive taken a good few of these suggestions on board and its my aim to work towards improving the blog in the highlighted areas.

As well as the criticism, the buzz generated by idea has resulted in an additional 5 or so backlinks from other bloggers.

The reviews definitely added something for the bloggers themselves too by highlighting errors that are common throughout the community. As I’ve mentioned before, I think Paid Posts will flourish as long as they starting adding more value to both parties. Overly positive reviews serve only to bolster the ego of the person who created the opportunity. They also tend to breed distrust throughout the readership. Think about it this way – why should people believe anything you say if you continually whore out your blog with fake sounding reviews?

To summarize – I cant recommend this approach enough. It was hard to take the influx of criticism to begin with but since then I’ve realized that each piece of criticism has provided me with the basis to make improvements to the site.

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